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Rodent Droppings, Animals Waste Cleanup Service California
Rodent Droppings, Animals Waste Cleanup Service California

Rodent droppings/animal hoarding cleanup

Rodent droppings can carry diseases such as Hantavirus. Pest control companies do not always perform a cleanup. We can respond to do this for you.

Rodent droppings pose a serious health risk to humans and pets. For example, rat/mouse droppings can carry Hantavirus which can be transmitted to humans. According to the CDC, symptoms can be fever, fatigue, chills, and can sometimes be fatal.

We are ready to help you in the most difficult situation, just contact us!

The scene is usually consists of blood,
bodily fluids, infectious disease and biohazard.

Often times, pest control companies will take care of the rodent problem, but the homeowner or customer is left dealing with droppings/carcasses. Veteran Decon will respond in full PPE to clean and sanitize the area
Cleaning House After Unattended Death
Veteran Decon Donates a Portion of Proceeds

Veteran Decon works with insurance companies to help cover the cost of the remediation and will help facilitate for the family.

Additionally, Veteran Decon donates a portion of proceeds to the following foundations on a rotational basis: Law Enforcement Widows Fund, Victim Advocates, Veteran Foundations, Breast Cancer Awareness, and will donate money to schools to sponsor children in need of clothing.