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Odor Removal
Odor Removal

Odor removal

Pungent odors can be the cause of a biohazard issue and can be detrimental to the area or structure if it isn’t properly cleaned. We are licensed, will handle the cleanup and will use tools to get rid of the odor.

Not only can unpleasant odors be a nuisance, they can also be the cause of a biohazard problem. Anytime biohazard such as bodily fluids are improperly cleaned, they continue to rot causing a pungent odor which are the cause of gases emitting from the source. Sometimes the source is not easily found. Veteran Decon will respond, evaluate the odor and remediate the issue using proven techniques.

We are ready to help you in the most difficult situation, just contact us!

The scene is usually consists of blood,
bodily fluids, infectious disease and biohazard.

In addition to bio-related odor removal, Veteran Decon also removes odors related to smoking, fire and smoke, flood, mold etc. Veteran Decon offers this service for residential, commercial, industrial, vehicles and much more.
Cleaning House After Unattended Death
Veteran Decon Donates a Portion of Proceeds

Veteran Decon works with insurance companies to help cover the cost of the remediation and will help facilitate for the family.

Additionally, Veteran Decon donates a portion of proceeds to the following foundations on a rotational basis: Law Enforcement Widows Fund, Victim Advocates, Veteran Foundations, Breast Cancer Awareness, and will donate money to schools to sponsor children in need of clothing.