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Blood Spill
Blood Spill

Blood spill

Blood spill can be hazardous and lead to the spread of disease of it is not properly cleaned and disposed of. We have the licenses to do so.

The improper cleanup of blood can result in the spread of disease. Improper disposal can carry consequences from the Department of Public Health. Per guidelines, you cannot simply clean the blood or bodily fluid up like a food spill and throw it in the garbage can. Blood is considered biohazardous and must be disposed of at a medical waste facility.

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The scene is usually consists of blood,
bodily fluids, infectious disease and biohazard.

Furthermore, blood can become imbedded in porous surfaces like wood, fabrics, and can stick to and stain concrete. Veteran Decon will respond in full PPE to clean and sanitize the area in accordance with OSHA regulation. Veteran Decon has the necessary license to get the job done.
Cleaning House After Unattended Death
Veteran Decon Donates a Portion of Proceeds

Veteran Decon works with insurance companies to help cover the cost of the remediation and will help facilitate for the family.

Additionally, Veteran Decon donates a portion of proceeds to the following foundations on a rotational basis: Law Enforcement Widows Fund, Victim Advocates, Veteran Foundations, Breast Cancer Awareness, and will donate money to schools to sponsor children in need of clothing.