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Our Services

When police officers, fire fighters, and the medical examiner investigators clear the scene, there is no one left to clean and sanitize the area. Veteran Decon is an Army veteran, law enforcement owned company that understands how painful this can be and understands how important it is to clean the affected area so the family can move on from the overwhelming experience.

We are ready to help you in the most difficult situation, just contact us!

Our Services

Blood spill

Blood spill can be hazardous and lead to the spread of disease of it is not properly cleaned and disposed of. We have the licenses to do so.

Rodent droppings/animal hoarding cleanup

Rodent droppings can carry diseases such as Hantavirus. Pest control companies do not always perform a cleanup. We can respond to do this for you.

COVID-19 Cleaning and sanitizing

COVID-19 can survive on several surfaces for about three says. We respond with tools to sanitize the area.

Flood/fire and smoke remediation

Flood water is a breeding ground for microorganisms that are dangerous to humans. Fire and smoke are very toxic and have a negative effect on the respiratory system. We respond for the cleanup.

Mold remediation

Although mold is natural, indoors it should be cleaned immediately because of the hazards it presents to humans and the structure.

Homeless encampment cleanup

Homeless encampments can consist of feces, urine and used drug paraphernalia. We are trained and have experience in the cleanup.

Odor removal

Pungent odors can be the cause of a biohazard issue and can be detrimental to the area or structure if it isn’t properly cleaned. We are licensed, will handle the cleanup and will use tools to get rid of the odor.

Feces and urine cleanup

Feces and urine can carry many diseases such as Hepatitis. We will respond to handle the cleanup in accordance with OSHA standards.

Vehicle and first responder vehicle and equipment cleanup

Biohazard in a vehicle, emergency vehicles and equipment can be harmful to the occupants/user. We will sanitize the vehicle and equipment so you are safe.


Hoarding can be overwhelming for the individual and family. Veteran Decon will help you through the process to get things back on track.

Decomposition and undiscovered death

Death and decomposition are natural, but going undiscovered for days or weeks can be detrimental to the area or property. The gases released during decomposition change the structure of the air. The bodily fluids travel and contaminate everything they come in contact with.

Suicide and homicide cleanup

These scenes are traumatic and unexpected. They usually always consist of blood, bodily fluids and biohazard. Law Enforcement and the Medical Examiner Investigator do not clean the scene. Veteran Decon responds and does this for you.