Veteran Decon
Alfred Villanueva - Owner of Veteran Decon

Owner Alfred Villanueva

A few words about who I am and why I chose to help people.

Alfred grew up in San Bernardino, California and joined the US Army shortly after as an Airborne Infantryman with one deployment to Afghanistan.

Alfred then worked as a police officer with assignments as a field training officer and motorcycle officer, all while going to school full time.

Alfred enjoys sports such as boxing, football and basketball. He enjoys working for his father’s electrical contracting business during his spare time and is educated and licensed in that field as well.

Alfred enjoys providing a service to others and wanted to continue his service of helping people during overwhelming times by founding Veteran Decon.

Veteran Decon is a U.S. Army and Law Enforcement veteran owned company. Veteran Decon provides remediation services for any client who needs a service.

We specialize in and are certified in crime scene cleaning, hoarder clean up, mold remediation, water damage remediation, and just about any form of remediation needed. We have extensive experience in public service, community service and helping others during difficult and sometimes unfortunate times.

We are not a franchise and therefore are able to provide services at a great price. We are licensed, insured and certified for our services.

All of our work is done in accordance with OSHA and IICRC regulations/recommendations.

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8 years experience in dealing with trauma scenes, hoarder scenes, and homeless encampments.

Vendor for a large commercial company.

Makes it a point to save the client money.

Experienced in dealing with families who have experienced traumatic events and need services.